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Intended Invitations to Tender

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ReferenceTitleOpening Date
22224943 Data Processing Engineering Service 1st Quarter 2023
23277 Multi-Mission Data Access Systems Operations Engineering Service 1st Quarter 2023
22224353 CIMR Level 2 Study over Global Ocean 4th Quarter 2022
22224852 Copernicus Payload Data Processing (PDP) Maintenance Service 4th Quarter 2022
22276 Security and Reception Services 4th Quarter 2022
22275 Remote Sensing Products and Applications Software Engineering Service (RESPASE) 4th Quarter 2022
22224875 S3 SATSIM Maintenance Service 2023-2024 4th Quarter 2022
22225092 Copernicus Sentinel Operations Analysts & Controllers Service 4th Quarter 2022
22224671 Mission Performance Monitoring Tools (MPMT) Maintenance Service 4th Quarter 2022
22225048 Provision of S3 OLCI Ocean Colour product improvements (Flags, High Chlorophyll-a concentration, IOP) 4th Quarter 2022
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