EUMITS - Invitation to Tender System

Intended Invitations to Tender

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ReferenceTitleOpening Date
21221849 Archive Tape Media 1st Quarter 2022
21223391 User Services for Atmospheric Data 1st Quarter 2022
21265 Management of the Pension Special Account 1st Quarter 2022
22223608 CO2M Mission Data Processing Sub-segment (MDPS), Mission Control & Operations Sub-segment (MCOS), Overall Ground Segment OGS and System Engineering & I,V&V Support Service 1st Quarter 2022
21266 Support to IASI NG L2 and IRS L2 Validation and Test Data Generation 1st Quarter 2022
22223609 CO2M -Provision of L0, L1 & L2 Instrument Processing Facilities 1st Quarter 2022
22268 Frame Contract Operational IT Equipment 1st Quarter 2022
21267 Ground Segment System Engineering Service 1st Quarter 2022
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