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Intended Invitations to Tender

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ReferenceTitleOpening Date
21254 Quality Management Support Services 3rd Quarter 2021
21222330 EPS-SG System IVV Service 3rd Quarter 2021
21221849 Archive Tape Media 3rd Quarter 2021
21222168 MICMICS & PIQMICS 3rd Quarter 2021
21222917 Service for the development of OFTs for LI Commissioning 3rd Quarter 2021
21262 User Helpdesk and Data Centre Operations Services 3rd Quarter 2021
21222964 Copernicus Configuration Management Services 3rd Quarter 2021
21222843 CM Service for MME and Future Programmes 3rd Quarter 2021
21222845 CM Support Service for LEO and GEO Programmes 3rd Quarter 2021
21222855 Advanced Information Security Services 3rd Quarter 2021
21259 Satellite Launch Event Agency 3rd Quarter 2021
21222676 Climate Applications Training Service 3rd Quarter 2021
21222844 Copernicus Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-6 Processors Evolution Service 3rd Quarter 2021
21222450 Re-engineering of EPS-SG L1 Processor Prototypes for Local Mission 3rd Quarter 2021
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