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Intended Invitations to Tender

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ReferenceTitleOpening Date
24291 Meteosat Controllers and Analysts Team 2nd Quarter 2024
23286 Global Ionospheric Map Service 1st Quarter 2024
23287 Structured Cabling, RF and Electrical Services Framework 1st Quarter 2024
23226539 Handyperson and Other Support Services in the General Services Division 1st Quarter 2024
23226581 Climate Data Utilisation Service 1st Quarter 2024
24285 Scientific Framework for the Operational Water-Vapour Products from Optical Imagers 1st Quarter 2024
24227420 Study on Feasibility of Ocean Colour Atmospheric Correction Improvements with SWIR data from Sentinel-3 instrument Synergy 1st Quarter 2024
24227203 Machine Learning Framework Pathfinder Development 1st Quarter 2024
24226141 Leadership Development Programme 1st Quarter 2024
24226990 Ground Segment System Engineering 1st Quarter 2024
23226787 Catering Services 1st Quarter 2024
24227289 Atmospheric Usecase for WEkEO 1st Quarter 2024
23226077 Wartung und Reparaturen an den Aufzügen bei EUMETSAT/Maintenance and Repairs of Elevators at EUMETSAT Headquarters 1st Quarter 2024
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