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ReferenceTitleOpening Date
23224353 Study on CIMR Synergistic Global Ocean and Atmospheric Products 2nd Quarter 2023
23281 Psychometric Services 2nd Quarter 2023
23276 Security and Reception Services 2nd Quarter 2023
23279 Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) 2nd Quarter 2023
23225926 Development, Provision and Maintenance of the CFDP Front End Processor and File re-constructor (CFDP-FEP) Component of the CO2 Monitoring (CO2M) Programme 2nd Quarter 2023
23225817 SAN Directory Switches 2nd Quarter 2023
23225962 WEkEO 2.0 System Engineering and Validation 2nd Quarter 2023
23283 Consultancy for the Executive Officer (CEO) for the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) 2nd Quarter 2023
23225784 Atlassian Cloud Migration and Support Service 2nd Quarter 2023
23284 Software Support to Mission Analysis and Flight Dynamics Support Tools and Libraries 2nd Quarter 2023
23225579 Configuration Management Service for Copernicus 2nd Quarter 2023
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