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Intended Invitations to Tender

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ReferenceTitleOpening Date
24227587 Engineering Support Service for Altimetry Missions 3rd Quarter 2024
24227891 Copernicus Ocean Colour System Vicarious Calibration Infrastructure 3rd Quarter 2024
24227821 Service to Support the Pandonia Global Network for Copernicus Mission Cal/Val 3rd Quarter 2024
24227289 Atmospheric Usecase for WEkEO 3rd Quarter 2024
24227700 Provision of 3 EPS-SG Operational Processors 3rd Quarter 2024
24227283 System Administration, software deployment and engineering service for Continuous integration and continuous development (DevOps) 3rd Quarter 2024
24227895 Scientific service for the support of CO2M product validation methods, reference data provision and processing 3rd Quarter 2024
24227669 Service for Monitoring the Procurement of EPS-SG Operational Processors 3rd Quarter 2024
24227944 Supply and Delivery of Dell Server and Network Attached Storage 3rd Quarter 2024
24227733 Microsoft Software as a Service 3rd Quarter 2024
24291 Meteosat Controllers and Analysts Team 3rd Quarter 2024
23286 Global Ionospheric Map Service 3rd Quarter 2024
24228040 EUMETCAST Terrestrial via the Internet 3rd Quarter 2024
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