EUMITS - Invitation to Tender System

Intended Invitations to Tender

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ReferenceTitleOpening Date
22223882 Online Data Access User Support and Operations Service 2nd Quarter 2022
21221849 Archive Tape Media 2nd Quarter 2022
22224295 Marine Scientific and Technical Service 2nd Quarter 2022
22224500 Copernicus - WEkEO DIAS Operations 2nd Quarter 2022
22224436 Destination Earth Data Lake Service 2nd Quarter 2022
22224138 Copernicus Reprocessing Service 2nd Quarter 2022
22224222 Scientific Framework for Fiducial Reference Measurements for Aerosol Product Cal/Val Activities 2nd Quarter 2022
22224317 Daily Photosynthetically Available Radiation for S3 OLCI Ocean Colour 2nd Quarter 2022
22224353 CIMR Level 2 Study over Global Ocean 2nd Quarter 2022
22270 Frame Contract - Scientific Framework for the Development of Clouds Products 2nd Quarter 2022
22224093 Multi-Vendor Hardware and Software Maintenance and License Management Service 2nd Quarter 2022
22224400 Supply and Delivery of Cisco Wireless Network Equipment 2nd Quarter 2022
22271 System Integration and Verification Service 2nd Quarter 2022
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