EUMITS - Invitation to Tender System

Intended Invitations to Tender

ReferenceTitleOpening Date
18216636 Comparison of Ground-Based LLS Network Data to ISS-LIS in MTG LI Domain 3rd Quarter 2018
18215587 DADF and EFTS Agents Maintenance Service 3rd Quarter 2018
17180 Technical Furniture 2017-2019 3rd Quarter 2018
18198 Psychometric Testing and Executive Assessment 3rd Quarter 2018
13207926 Satellite Simulator for MSG (MSGSIM) 3rd Quarter 2018
17179 Racks and Installation 2017-2019 3rd Quarter 2018
18216929 Copernicus Diurnal variability SLSTR S-3 3rd Quarter 2018
18217058 Applicability of Langley method for EPS-SG EIRP measurement at Svalbard 3rd Quarter 2018
18216681 Extension of the TIB Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) Units 3rd Quarter 2018
18216779 MSG Adaptation Layer TTC Prototype 3rd Quarter 2018
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