EUMITS - Invitation to Tender System


Intended Invitations to Tender

ITT No.TitleOpening Date
16161 Frame Contract with Multiple Suppliers for Procuring Generic Promotional Items 2nd Quarter 2018
18215587 DADF and EFTS Agents Maintenance Service 2nd Quarter 2018
17180 Technical Furniture 2017-2019 2nd Quarter 2018
17179 Racks and Installation 2017-2019 2nd Quarter 2018
16212935 Enhancing the capabilities of MTG-IRS Level 2 Validation and Demonstration Processor 2nd Quarter 2018
13207926 Satellite Simulator for MSG (MSGSIM) 2nd Quarter 2018
18216678 Processing Working Area (PWA) Storage Upgrade for S3 PDGS 2nd Quarter 2018
18196 Fixed Telecommunication Services at EUMETSAT HQ 2nd Quarter 2018
18197 Frame Contract for Off-site Creative Services 2nd Quarter 2018
18216230 Provision of Copernicus DIAS Services and Operations 2nd Quarter 2018
18216091 Copernicus Ground Segment System Engineering Service 2nd Quarter 2018
18216325 EGPT - EUMETSAT Generic Processor Tools 2nd Quarter 2018
18216437 Copernicus Climate Expert Services 2nd Quarter 2018
18216568 Ground Segment System Engineering Service 2nd Quarter 2018
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