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Intended Invitations to Tender

ReferenceTitleOpening Date
20220649 EUMETSAT Multi-Mission Processing Infrastructure Software 3rd Quarter 2020
19219854 Extension of the UPS system capacity for EUMETSAT Technical Infrastructure Building (TIB) 2nd Quarter 2020
20220173 Regular Cleaning Service 2nd Quarter 2020
20220172 BDS - Support to Cloud and Big Data Services Engineering and Operations 2nd Quarter 2020
20220617 Digital HR filing system 2nd Quarter 2020
20220435 Copernicus - Atmospheric Composition Data Stream Training Tools on Python Programming Language 2nd Quarter 2020
20220689 Storage systems for ICT infrastructure 2nd Quarter 2020
20220227 EUMETCast Terrestrial via Internet 2nd Quarter 2020
20220171 BDS - Cloud Computing Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance Support 2nd Quarter 2020
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