EUMITS - Invitation to Tender System

Intended Invitations to Tender

ReferenceTitleOpening Date
19219208 Provision of Top-Of-Atmosphere Simulations for the Evaluation of Data Processing for the CO2 Monitoring Missions 4th Quarter 2019
19219040 Training and support on the Software R-Instat and Statistical Analysis of Climate Data 4th Quarter 2019
19218405 Copernicus - Maintenance of Mission Planning Application Software 3rd Quarter 2019
18216929 Copernicus Diurnal variability SLSTR S-3 3rd Quarter 2019
19213 Frame Contract for the Provision of MTG and EPS-SG Satellite Models 3rd Quarter 2019
19218404 UMARF Maintenance Service 3rd Quarter 2019
19218425 Multimedia and Video System Hardware, Software and Installation, Integration and Maintenance Framework Contract 3rd Quarter 2019
19218936 IT Architecture and Design Service 3rd Quarter 2019
19218957 Copernicus - Altimetry L2P-3 Service 3rd Quarter 2019
19218965 Copernicus WEkEO User Support 3rd Quarter 2019
19219105 Trend Micro Deep Security Licences 3rd Quarter 2019
19218415 Cabling Hardware and Services Frame Contract 3rd Quarter 2019
19219100 Maintenance of lifts at EUMETSAT Buildings 3rd Quarter 2019
19219044 Maintenance of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Sanitation (HVAC) System at EUMETSAT 3rd Quarter 2019
19219043 Maintenance of Electrical Systems at EUMETSAT 3rd Quarter 2019
19219042 Maintenance of Electronic Security System at EUMETSAT 3rd Quarter 2019
19219011 Maintenance of Building Monitoring System (BMS) at EUMETSAT Technical Infrastructure Building (TIB) and East Building (EB) (including Temporary Office Building, Porta Cabin and Consolidated Warehouse Facility 3rd Quarter 2019
19219041 Maintenance of BMS at EUMETSAT Main Building 3rd Quarter 2019
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